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The Archive: World’s Largest Record Collection (Short Film)


I used to think that my record collection was decent; that is, until I heard about Paul Mawhinney.  A former record store owner from Pittsburg, Mawhinney has amassed over 3 million records over the years.  The sad thing about is, because of deteriorating health, he was given no choice but to put all his records up for sale on eBay.  To this day, no one has made a serious bid in acquiring his collection.

(The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.)

The Archive is both fascinating and tragic, and a must-see for any music fan.  Just how amazing is Mawhinney’s story?  He is also responsible for launching the career of one David Bowie.  Here’s how:

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Malasimbo 2012: Dates are Set, Joe Bataan Confirmed

Head on over to his official homepageI just received word from the event organizer, DJ Miro, that none other than Latin Soul legend Joe Bataan will be one of the headliners for next year’s Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival!  I have already written about Joe Bataan before, and I was ecstatic when I heard the news.  He is a music legend definitely worth watching.   As for the date?  Miro sent the official after video of this year’s event headlined by DJ Krush.  You’ll find out the date of the next year’s festival at the end. Continue reading

Vinyl Record Sales Slowly Increasing; Beatles’ Abbey Road Bestselling LP of 2010

Infographic courtesy of Digital Music News

According to Digital Music News, vinyl records aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  At least not in the United States.  It is important to understand that while sales are steadily increasing, LPs are still very much a minority in terms of preferred music medium among the masses.  I don’t know how the figures above translate to Vinyl sales in the Philippines since we no longer produce our own records.  Unless we start producing our own LPs, I just don’t see people spending P2,000 on a brand new, imported plaka.  Nonetheless, this is still good news indeed, and hopefully vinyl sales increase to the point where it becomes necessary to reopen record producing facilities. Continue reading

Bargain 45′s: Celeste Legaspi “Mamang Sorbetero/Kubling Hardin”

Photo by Aly Abaquin

If you’ve ever spent part of your childhood living in Manila, chances are, you’ve tried dirty ice cream.  I sure as hell did, and I always considered it to be one of the highlights of every summer.  “Mamang Sorbetero” is an ode to old vendors that roam the city streets selling their ice cream (on small makeshift carts) to those who crave them, especially during the summer season.  Now, as the monsoon season draws near, I believe that it is a fitting tribute to revisit Celeste Legaspi’s ode to all the “Mamang Sorbeteros” out there that help us make it through the scorching heat from March to June.  Continue reading

Bargain 45’s: VST & Co. “Rock Baby Rock/Ride on ‘Ragsy'”

A few sticks of cigarettes. Fishballs. Sago’t gulaman. Prepaid load.

Ah, fishballs.

These are just some things that one can buy for P10 or less in Manila.  Apparently in some spots, it can also get you a dusty old 45.

I was able to grab a good number of these musical relics about a month ago, and was able to pick up this VST & Co. 45, all scratched and sleeveless.

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Online Frequencies: Sari-Sari Sounds

(Photo Courtesy of Sari-Sari Sounds Facebook Page.)

What’s better than having a radio station that plays all your favorite OPM songs?  An INTERNET RADIO STATION dedicated to all our favorite local artists, of course!  I’ve been listening to Sari-Sari Sounds for the past 2 hours and I gotta say, hearing songs in its entirety is just refreshing.  No bullshit, just straight to the music, the way it should be.  Also, a very educational website for any local music fan who’s been sleeping on a lot of the new music that’s been coming out the country lately.  Like me.

I love the internet.  Don’t you?

(For more on Sari-Sari Sounds, check out they’re Facebook page here.)

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